Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BoneBender Team Sign up!


Please post under the comment section if you are racing the bonebender. If so, please list the following:
Full Name
Racing Category: 3 or 6 hr.
T-shirt size
Most likely I will send an e-mail by next wed. April 15th, with team members information to the race promoter to enter you in your category. I will write the check the day of the race to ensure that the race happens. I have heard that they are modifying the course to accomodate any weather conditions. That means utilizing some of the paved trail, gravel, and making there own route via the grass opennings.

If this race is called off, I will be heading to the Baazar Road race. I am racing April 18th, no matter what!!

Let's shoot for a 6 p.m. staging at the bike shop next Monday night April 13th for a team ride. If the weather is too bad, let's meet anyway to discuss some races and team stuff??

See you on the Trails, Road, or on a bike somewhere!!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Year! New Team! New Opportunities!

Okay, so I am getting back into this blog thing again. I have formed a new team for 2009, it consist of some old friends and new friends to the racing scene. We just received our new kits and I might say that they are pretty sweet! I will be posting some race reports and some general training information to this blog moving forward. If you want to see more info. about the team, go to the title sponsors website: and you will get more info. The team will be at Mtn. and Cross races mainly for 2009, with some selected road events built into the program.

If anyone is interested in learning how to race a bike, please let me know, our team is very low key and will cater to those who want to test the waters in the sport of bicycle racing. Notice I said bicycle racing, because if it has 2 wheels and you can pedal that is bicycle racing!!

I hope you all are well and I look forward to sharing updates through out the year! Now go out and ride!!