Friday, May 15, 2009

Auburn Road Race

Heading to the Auburn Road Race on Sunday! Should be interesting, have been on the mountain bike much more than the road bike. But, 67 miles of racing should test the fitness and hopefully help gain some fitness. Focus is still on the cyclocross season for me, but with the mountain bike racing lean in the KC area this year, it looks like the team will need to look at Central Missouri, Nebraska, and possibly Iowa for some Mountain bike racing this Summer? Auburn Road Race report after the pain on Sunday!!

Atleast the weather is supposed to be nice!!

Get out and Ride!!


JDOUG said...

You going solo, or got some support?

Good luck!!!!

JP Shores said...

Went Solo...It was good, but could have used another bottle...25th out of 50 some...that last climb 7 miles before the finish dropped me hard! But, I was happy with the day! First, road event of the year...Always nice to get that out of the way!