Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Racing! Crashing...stuff!

Well the Auburn RR was a great test! It was all of nearly 70 miles and finished in a respectable 3:15 min. and change. We had a crash during the first 15 mi. of the day, which split the field a bit. Worked hard most of the day with the second group, but was toast on the final climb! Yes, we have a few hills in Kansas, believe it or not??
Finished 25th out of 50 or so, not a bad start to the year of racing. Preparing for the State Road Race in two weeks. Will have a teammate at the race with me and the course is pretty flat which will suite my skills well! This is all in preparation for the cyclocross season this Fall. These races will provide a great base and focus my training on long rides at the moment and up the ante for speed work as the year progresses!
Still keeping the Mountain Bike skills sharp by testing out the Rocks up close and personal!! Had a nasty Indo over some rocks today and landed hard on my Right Forearm. Thankfully I was riding with one of my teammates Jeff Smikahl who was a great help when I could not feel my right hand and arm for a long while. I was able to collect myself and drag myself the hour ride home. Most of it was on paved trail which eased the pain a bit. Ice, compression wrap, and Ibuprofen have helped calm things down and I hope to shift gears tomorrow on the road bike as this is a BIG week of training!
Next real Team race is August 15th. Everyone is doing there own thing at the moment and that is cool. Hope to have a great group and several teams entered for the Rapture of Misery team events. Keep on training and riding your bikes!


CvtfaBOB said...

Im back at it! I put three solid rides together since tuesday. Leg is feeling good and just happy to be back on the bike! Starting to get ready for the R.I.M. , it will be here before we know it. Hope the arm is OK , keep pedaling!!!!

JP Shores said...

Thanks Man! Yeah...I am getting ready for a few road events and maybe a couple of crits...then RIM and cyclocross season..You are right it will be here soon...Starting to finally shed some winter wt.!! Thank goodness!
Hope to ride with you soon and glad you are back at it!

CvtfaBOB said...

Hopefully I will be joining you for the cyclocross season. Im am building a cyclocross and am excited about trying my hand at it. Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated! It would be nice if we could get some team rides in. We generally all try to ride together up here but would be nice if we could get some big groups going! Take it easy...